Art & Activism duo Temple Children merge public art and food sustainability in projects designed to revitalize chosen communities around the world. Their latest activation focuses on Hilo, Temple Children co-founder Miya’s hometown of Hilo, Hawai‘i.

Art & Activism duo Temple Children recently rolled out ‘Revitalize Hilo' – a fully immersive public art and food sustainability project in Miya’s hometown of Hilo, Hawai‘i. They added seven visual artists to the team - Jet MartinezYoskay YamamotoRick HaywardEmily DeversSam YongKai'ili KaulukukuiBrandy Serikaku; and filmmaker Cory Martin. Aside from Temple Children's existing public art efforts in the small coastal town – including sustainability-focused murals by MEGGS  Lauren YS  and Wooden Wave painted previously this year – Temple Children’s end goal is to build lasting connections for all involved. Their commitment was a 24/7 effort to engage their artists with the local Big Island culture, environment, food, and community – complete with eco-tours, sustainability volunteering, and a group residency. “By treating this as a group effort, it encourages an ongoing discussion of how these creative-types can instigate action to contribute to sustainable innovation and community values on a larger scale,” said MEGGS. 

An overarching aspect of Temple Children is food sustainability and they aim to continue their emphasis on thoughtful consumption, driving the message that knowing where your food comes and supporting local farms and businesses is critical in lowering our global carbon footprint. MEGGS and Miya plan to take the concept of mural painting a step further and initiate action, in addition to what they view as the bare minimum – increasing awareness and positive messaging – through their public artworks and community projects.


Photos and Videos by Cory S. Martin / Martin Film Co

Temple Children is a creative platform for the socially and environmentally minded. They encourage collaboration and community revitalization in Big Islands, Big Cities & Beyond. For more, visit and follow @templechildren on Instagram.