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Watch Now: Nuart Aberdeen 2018 and Everyday Heroes

June 06, 2018

It's been a few months since we were in Aberdeen for the newest edition of Nuart Aberdeen. We wrote about our trip here, and about the consistently great programming behind the Nuart Festivals. This year's topic was a "Revolution of the Ordinary," focusing on how art can interact with people in their daily lives, live outside of institutions and thrive in creating a commentary with people without the guise of art world mechanisms. 

Today, we want to show you the recap video from the Festival, showing some of the uniqueness of Aberdeen, the roster from this year's line-up and some of the behind-the-scenes moments we didn't capture in our essay. 

 Featuring Bordalo II (PT), Bortusk Leer (UK), Carrie Reichardt (UK), Conzo & Glöbel (UK), Dr. D (UK), Elki (UK), Ernest Zacharevic (LT), Hyuro (AR), Milu Correech (AR), Nimi & RH74 (NO), Phlegm (UK), Snik (UK) and the good people of Aberdeen.

Film courtesy of Doug Gillen at Fifth Wall TV.