As we're witnessing things going back to old ways and a variety of art-related events taking place, we're especially excited to hear that our friends from Void Projects are at this moment in Kosovo, on the Balkans, taking part (and beyond), in Mural Fest Kosovo 2020. After participating in the last year's edition of the festival, the initiator of this cultural platform, Axel Void, has been invited as a curator this year, bringing an eclectic selection of artists from the Void Projects family to realize the rich, multidisciplinary program.

Under the title of Change, this year's edition includes "a range of public projects (mural festival, exhibitions, open tours, and workshops), as well as a residency program for two invited artists, aiming at utilizing art as a means of cultural change and a thought-provoking element, while creating a strong bridge of communication, between the artists with their local communities". 

Kicking off only 2 days ago in Ferizaj, Kosovo, a festival that started as an art project run fully by local artists and community members is now hosting a strong line up of 15 international artists including Retry One (Netherlands), Helen Bur (UK), Zane Prater (USA), Axel Void (USA / Spain), Ivan Floro (Spain), Emilio Cerezo (Spain), Doug Gillen (Scotland), Alba Fabre (Spain), Michael Beitz (USA), Aruallan (France), Maria José Gallardo (Spain), Ampparito (Spain), Doa oa (Spain), and Vlada Trocka (Poland).

"Our team strongly believes that art and culture, create a safe environment towards the urban regeneration and revitalization of the city of Ferizaj and Kosovo," says the statement from the festival organizers. "We focus on inspiring the young people to evolve within the multicultural society living and working in Kosovo, a project which will be developed not only through the impactful and strong visual evidence on the walls of the city, but also through the series of parallel activities." With some of our close friends such as Doug Gillen from Fifth Wall TV being on the scene, we will be covering this event in the following week or so and you can follow what's happening via the Mural Fest Kosovo website. —Sasha Bogojev