Urban Nation Museum in Berlin is set to showcase their newest project on September 27th: their long-awaited Artist in Residence Programme! As the kick-off to the museum happened last September (which saw us donate the Juxtapoz Newsstand to the museum), the excitement around a rotating residency program for studio-based street artists is a welcome addition to the museum. The September 27th opening of the Urban Nation Studio Program will also coincide with the new exhibition titled “UN-derstand the power of art as a social architect,” a retrospective of the past present and future of Urban Nation as a platform an incubator and archive. Juxtapoz will be on hand for the opening this week, so stay tuned! 

Here is a mesage from curator and museum director, Yasha Young:

My curation is a play on Beuys and the idea or "radical theory” that everybody by simply being a human is an artist which to him is the essence of what it means to be a human being: The deep need and fundamental ability to create and be creative. But on the opposite end of the spectrum almost as a mirror I place the philosophy of Dr. Seuss and his approach and huge social impact via simplicity and compassion.

The elite idea of art being only for the chosen few in all its complex wording and structures is dying. Additionally the digital age is upon us which as well is not without challenges .Fast and with very little respect for the process of creation it feeds on content that it devours at enormous speed and moves on simply forgetting it. That leads to an extraordinary de- valuation of the creative work opening doors for purely money driven fast lived commercial projects. Projects that aim to use urban contemporary art to enhance the visibility and reach of a product or to cover up critical situations and subjects. Art is used to package and sell. This development we want to counter balance. We will try and tell the story of the UN and explain the importance of the idea of building something virtual, accepting the digital transformation and disruption but with emphasis on the “human factor” the real life experience and the emancipated self guided viewer and art consumer. Connect create and care the baseline of the UN represents our goal to slow down get back to basics with visionary tools and concepts. Further more we will try and explain the need of art and artists to interact with each other and influence aspects of everyday life such as social issues, politics and responsible city development. Always connecting diverse approaches and stand points to evolve as a community , as artists and as human beings. Learning about each other and learning about a new thriving art form that knows no boundaries and works outside the common frame work of traditional values and expectations but with equal technical expertise and within revolutionary new media but produced at high quality no matter how different the subject matter or canvas is from the common expectation.

UCA is using all and everything every bit of daily life and objects as surface and transforms even the most common things and moments of daily life into art. It does not need always the white cube unless it choses to it rather wants to be seen by as many as possible and also heard with good reason because it actually has something to say. But the approach of “inside” does not need to be that of a boring flat experience. Experiencing the work in a close space with dramatic impact of hear see touch and feel is a challenge that we want to accept. I want the viewer to immerse her : himself in the entirety that this art form is - from one on one talks with the artist to learning about technique and material as well as tools and playfully experiencing the community as well as the diversity of this art form by viewing an enormous variety of work on display. Additionally by visiting the 11 studios and entering the space and mind of the artists the viewer will go even further and experience possibly funny and unknown maybe even uncomfortable and intimate moments that both artist and visitor have to be willing to share and endure beyond the internet speed of swiping away in order to transform that moment into something truly spectacular. A total exchange of power with equal curiosity and the willingness to stay in a human interaction for more than 3.8 seconds. 11 installations and a house that wants to be discovered inside and out up and down by a viewer with curiosity and an open mind.

A timeline will guide through the years of development and past projects can be discovered by memorabilia in vitrines reminding of artifacts as well as a multi sensory movie tunnel showing images ever captured flooding the viewer in organized chaos which is a core quality of UCA. The diversity of the projects and the environments and changing challenges will introduce the visitor to the world wide art form that this house and myself have the pleasure and honor to guard and care for for years to come. A peak into past,present and future.

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