Underground at Ink Block is nestled beneath the bustling overpass of the I-93 which separates South Boston from the South End, and now represents a unifying new point of interest for the two neighborhoods and aims to be a cultural landmark with potential to gain international acclaim as an Urban Art destination. 

Boston’s newest park introduced itself to the neighborhood with a kick-off block party on Saturday September 9th which included DJ sets by Rich Medina, Gucci Vuitton and Braun Dapper. At the event the 8-acre underpass also unveiled 9 new murals curated by Street Theory Gallery. Participating artists included Vyal One, Imagine, Cey Adams, Don Rimx, Marka 27, Problak, Ewok MSK, Thy Doan, Upendo, Percy Fortini-Wright and Hoxxoh

National Development will operate the park and promises there will be plenty in store for the future.

Words and Photos by Todd Mazer