Street Art

The Sociable Weaver Bird's Nest documented by Dillon Marsh

February 23, 2013

In the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, a native bird called the Sociable Weaver Bird constructs massive nests attached to telephone poles out of twigs and grass. These birds acquired the word “Sociable” in their name as they are known to share their nests with several other species including owls, vultures, eagles, red-headed finches, ashy tits, familiar chats, and many more. Their sharing habits are based on the more occupants the more eyes to watch out for predators. They also have learned new ways to find food from their roommates and up to 100 birds could be living in a nest at a time.


Photographer Dillon Marsh documented these creations in a series called “Assimilation.”


jux_dillon_marsh2 jux_dillon_marsh3 jux_dillon_marsh4 jux_dillon_marsh5 jux_dillon_marsh6 All photos by Dillon Marsh