Street Art

The Sculpture work of Juan Muñoz

June 21, 2012


Working primarily with resin, paper mache, and bronze, Spanish sculptor, Juan Muñoz, has shown extensively internationally (including the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Tate Modern in London) creating public and gallery work.  He broke many of the traditional rules of sculpting when he began creating work in a “narrative” manner, consisting of creating smaller than life-size figures in an atmosphere of mutual interaction.  When asked his occupation, Muñoz would simply respond “storyteller.”


jux_juan_munoz6 jux_juan_munoz1 jux_juan_munoz2 jux_juan_munoz3 jux_juan_munoz4 jux_juan_munoz5 jux_juan_munoz8 jux_juan_munoz9 jux_juan_munoz10