Greek artist INO as been gracing the facades around the world with his monochromatic murals. His interests in graffiti, photography, typography, multimedia, hypermedia and graphic design, and his painting degree from the Athens School of Fine Arts inform his large public works, which he started in 2012.

Using spray paint and fat caps or acrylic paint and water, his pieces imitate the tone of watercolors with light, transparent layers. This softness and the large scale of his paintings blend perfectly with his chosen surfaces.

Inspired by humans, their behavior and the consequences of their actions, INO's art offers themes of social and political issues, as well as misuse of technology and power. Using no projectors, but relying on his perception, his sketching outlines or grid emphasize the beauty of his work process.

INO’s cutout images started accidentally, while trying to compose an image in the urban landscape. The interesting results inspired him to explore this concept further with every new image. He plans to continue traveling and painting around the world, but is also seeking a solo show for his canvas works.

Post by Sasha Bogojev