Street Art

The Market St. Railway Mural in San Francisco

February 01, 2012

One of my favorite pieces of public art is The Market St. Railway mural in San Francisco painted by local artist, Mona Caron. The mural displays a 180-degree bird’s eye view of San Francisco’s Market Street from the 1920’s to the distant future.  Many of the themes involved are based on actual events including a parade, a mass demonstration, a free-form celebration, and a violent police riot.  Located at Church and 15th in San Francisco, we strongly suggest seeing this piece in person to view all the meticulous details.


jux__Mona_Caron jux__Mona_Caron1 jux__Mona_Caron3 jux__Mona_Caron4 jux__Mona_Caron5 jux__Mona_Caron6 Photos from Mona Caron's website