Street Art

The Low Bros Take Over Mirus Gallery For Their New Show "98 Windows"

Apr 13, 2018Mirus Gallery, San Francisco

The Low Bros have been taking the American West Coast by storm over the last few weeks. If you keep up with them on Instagram, you can see the walls they've been doing (including one with Nychos,) and some of the fun tidbits that happen when these two come to town. The end of this few-week tour is their upcoming show 98 Windows, at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibit is the third in a three-part series of shows, including Perfiction from 2016 at Golden Hands Gallery, and Wired from 2017 at Stolen Space Gallery. This series focuses on the gargantuan shift in communication technology, the emphasis on efficiency in the information age, and what we've collectively lost during this shift.