Every time a new work by Blu appears somewhere, it once again justifies his unparalleled reputation as an innovator as well as shows the raw power of pure, unsanctioned street art. Always able to come up with a simple, yet striking ways to promote common sense ideas about the world, the Italian artist recently shared his latest intervention created at Mondeggi Bene Comune, public space located in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, Italy.

Back at the end of June, Blu joined artists Alleg and Luvi, and worked inside the Comune, in an effort to enhance the experience for visitors to the park. Mondeggi Bene Comune is a self-managed, employed-run farm which has been occupied for five years ago. The space is defined by the principle of agroecology and knowledge sharing, where workers have managed to restore big abandoned farm, full of vineyards and olive trees. With agriculture as only a part of the wider project, the community aims to create an inclusive environment in which artists and students could work on different materials and themes, creating collective or individual interventions. The first part of the project was focused on showcasing the dichotomy between urbanization and industrialization, the protection of the territory and its non-invasive recovery.

blu mondeggi06

This subject was approached and depicted perfectly in Blu's piece, using a universally recognized Tao sign structure to portray the contrast between a small farm supporting an abundance of flora and fauna, and a large urban space built around a small green oasis/park. With Mondeggi Bene Comune in the center of one half, the image shows crops and farming animals that are directly opposing the spreading of the urban spaces. One one end there are strong animals such as boars or dogs, clearing the concrete area and spreading the green space, while trees are get crushed by heavy machinery, making room for large buildings. Finished in only a couple of days, this piece is filled with intricate details, showcasing and addressing both a specific local and global issue. From jam-packed car parks and streets, busy office spaces, shopping malls and a queue of ambulance cars that lead to a line of coffins entering the local church, the artist created a striking portrait of the modern-day society, successfully pointing its weakest spots. —Sasha Bogojev

Photo credit: BluBlu.org, Quiantella.it, Corriere.it