The Crystal Ship is a contemporary art festival specialized in public space which sets sail to the city of Ostend, Belgium with talented creatives. World-renowned artists created gigantic murals and fantastic art installations that form a permanent artistic trail in the city.

All photography © Henrik Haven, unless otherwise noted

The curator of The Crystal Ship, Bjørn Van Poucke, is extremely enthusiastic about the collaboration with the city of Ostend. “Nowhere else in Europe have so many artists in this genre been brought together for a joint arts festival. With The Crystal Ship, we wish to bring art to the people and that is exactly what we did: Over the course of 2 weeks we created +20 impressive murals and +200 smaller interventions. Right in the centre of the city, the place where people live and work. That is pretty unique!”

Artists who contributed to the first edition:
1010 (Germany), Agostino Iacurci (Italy), Cyrcle (United States), Disorderline (Belgium), Elian (Argentina), Ella & Pitr (France), Eversiempre (Argentina), Guido Van Helten (Australia), Jaune (Belgium), Jaz (Argentina), Mister Fiksit (Belgium), Nuart preetns Biancoshock (Italy) and Isaac Cordal (Spain), Pixelpancho (Italy), Pol Cosmo (Belgium), Roa (Belgium), Robert Montgomery (United Kingdom), Siegfried Vynck (Belgium), Smates & Locatelli (Belgium) and Zio Ziegler (United States).