Besançon in Eastern France recently held their 8th edition of the BIEN URBAIN, an event that features a series of public murals, installations, interventions, screenings, and exhibitions. Between June 8th and July 8th, the city streets surprised passersby with unusual creations that used their interactivity to simply address the absurdity of everyday situations. 

While street art festival these days have a lineup of mural artists working on large-scale paintings through public space, BIEN URBAIN is staying true to their own philosophy and is keeping things fresh and exciting. Lead by the idea that art modifies our perception of the world, both in cultural places and in everyday life, the project curator Brad Downey, and organizers Juste Ici, aim to give a new place to art at the heart and place it into the public sphere. 

The artists are invited to create work that will surprise both the event organizers and participants, as well as the local people that will be discovering these quirky works of art. Freely working in local streets, parks, on walls or even inside riverbeds, this year's participants completed a series of exceptional ephemeral and permanent artworks that clearly amused and intrigued the observers. Some of the personal favorites were  "Dancing umbrellas" and "Rolling Stones" installations by Deana Kolenčiková, very temporary cardboard castle by Olivier Grossetête, Igor Ponosov's kite installation playing with the idea of portrait deconstruction, John Fekner's bold statements of socio-economical changes, Helmut Smits' colorful play with the classic local architecture or Brad Downey's photographic series of riot police in atypical situations.

The full list of participants include Brad Downey, Deana Kolenčiková, Igor Ponosov, John Fekner, Jazoo Yang, Christian Eisenberger, Julien Fargetton, Vladimir Turner, Somaticae, Cie la Méandre, Olivier Grossetête, Yevgen Samborsky, Santiago Sierra, Helmut Smits, Brad Troemel, Jerome Fino,

Photos by Elisa Murcia Artengo