This weekend, our friends at Spoke Art and Hashimoto Contemporary team up with Portland's Talon Gallery to present GATS - a solo exhibition. The Bay Area-based graffiti legend Graffiti Against The System continues exploring urban landscapes to reclaim surfaces for his iconic masked character.

GATS’ totems appear on antique metal and wood surfaces, hidden in alcoves and entwined within architecture as an unexpected discovery. Using found items, such as rusted spray cans, signs, and paper ephemera, each piece is simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary, pointing towards the artist’s hoped-for future.

Ahead of the exhibition, GATS spent an extended period of time in the Pacific Northwest, painting murals and engaging with the Portland community. Each exhibition piece and public piece from around the city expounds on the artist's glyphic language, inviting the viewer to explore their environment and search for art in the unpredictable.

GATS – a solo exhibition opens at Portland's Talon Gallery for two nights, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 pm on August 24th, and on view from 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday, August 25th.