For the project Between Stopovers Berlin based artists Sophia Hirsch and Johannes Mundinger visited four European cites, painting murals and setting up a gallery exhibition. The visited cities included Belgrade in Serbia, Krakow in Poland, Kehl in Germany and Vienna in Austria.

The entire project is a point of departure and documentation of a journey that takes the artist couple from Kehl via Belgrade to Krakow and Vienna. Planned as a trip with starting and ending point, the trip itinerary soon became its conceptual frame, as the one thing these places have in common is their function as this journey’s stopovers. Through their work the artists pose the questions of what defines a city, how it develops an identity, and how this is constituted. In order to answer, or at least elaborate these, the artists draw parallels with their long-gentrified and hip hometown of Berlin when creating their work. In some way showing resistance to developments as well as showing support to exponentially scarce places for potential cultural expression, their collage-like abstractions express their views of the many facets and stories of the cities visited.––Sasha Bogojev