Street Art

Sonja Hinrichsen's Epic Snow Drawings

January 09, 2017

Sonja Hinrichsen examines urban and natural environments through exploration and research. Her work manifests in immersive video installations and interventions in nature. Her participatory project “Snow Drawings” engages communities worldwide.

"I am interested in the intersection between place – city or nature – and human perception and utilization thereof, throughout history," says Hinrichsen. "As an artist I feel the responsibility to address subject matters our society tends to neglect or deny, including adverse environmental impacts." Her ongoing project “Snow Drawings” features large designs that she “draws” into pristine snow surfaces by walking lines with snowshoes. "I have been working with community volunteers, which has enabled me to create vast pieces while at the same time offering possibility for community to participate in the making of art during exciting outdoor experiences in exhilarating landscapes. It is important to me that participants experience the elements of nature while they help me transform their own familiar snow landscape into a piece of art. Since the work itself is extremely temporary I take aerial documentation right after completion of each piece."