Street Art

Slava Ptrk Creates Windows To The World

January 10, 2018

Slava Ptrk, who we've first met at Nuart in Stavanger in 2017, recently finished a peculiar solo project in Tyumen in Russia. Titled Windows To The World, this quirky intervention is addressing the idea of progress through juxtaposing the traditional, old Russian house architecture with the elements of mobile technology.

Created using customized plywood "nalishniki", decorative carved wood window frames, paint and stickers, the idea was to compare the history and future, but also global and local. Using the actual old window frames from the neighborhood as the reference for his work, as well as creating big stickers of universally recognized mobile app icons, the Moscow-based artist created somewhat of a visual and symbolic paradox. The composition represents the relation between the actual windows being the source of local info back in the past, and the screens of the phone being the source of global info in the present. This unusual piece is continuation of Ptrk's ongoing series that is addressing the global obsession with mobile devices in different forms. —Sasha Bogojev