We are in Stavanger, Norway this week, watching the process and progress for the 2019 Nuart Festival. For their 19th edition, one of the world's most important street art festivals and conferences has brought 11 international artists into the coastal Norwegian city, given the theme of brand new vs. retro, the constant conversation that questions whether Street Art has reached its limits or is still continually exploring new themes, ideas, and ways to create disruptions in contemporary society. 

 Here are a few sights from the first couple of days of production, as the artist's are both working on installations and outdoor works throughout the city. 


1UP (DE), Paul Harfleet (UK), Dr. D (UK), Dotmaster (UK), Edwin (UK), Jad El Khoury (LB), Jofre Oliveras (ES), Julio Anaya Cabanding (ES), OX (FR), Nuno Viegas (PT), Hyuro (AR).