Street Art

Shepard Fairey and Vhils Team Up For New Mural in Los Angeles @ Mack Sennett Studios

February 20, 2018

Portuguese street artist Vhils is in Los Angeles this week as he prepares to open his new solo show, Annihilation, at the (again) the newly opened Over the Influence gallery in downtown. As he gets closer to the February 23 opening, he teamed up with a local, Shepard Fairey, on a mural on Bates Street at Mack Sennett Studios that features imagery Shepard used on the 200th issue of Juxtapoz back in September 2017. Good pick we think.

More to come on Vhils' show, as we will be in Los Angeles to cover the opening. The show will be on view February 23—April 1, 2018. 

JX0917 200

Mural photo by Jonathan Furlong