French artist Seth is coming back to Galerie Itinerrance in Paris for his second solo show, Between Walls, on view through December 9, 2017. For this exhibition, the artist created more than 30 new artworks which include installation, paintings and sculptures, extending his ongoing series of large public images created worldwide.

With this body of work, the artist is stepping aside from his relationship with different places he's visited during his travels. Seth's public work is location-specific, fitting within peculiar contexts in which he is creating. If not collaborating with local creatives, he is often portraying the native population or playing with the architectural or other recognizable elements of the region. Wrapping them inside his own narrative and imagery, they are helping him expand his visual universe while perfecting his work and expanding his mind.

Between Walls consists of paintings and sculptures which are more focused on universal approach to the subject of childhood as a main theme of his work. Using children as his main subject, he is speaking about escape from reality, knowledge, tolerance, love, friendship, self reflection, and other globally applicable issues. Along with the 25 acrylic and spray paint paintings, Seth presents his first ever series of sculptures, a new medium to apply his poetic imagination onto. Juxtaposing his subjects against vibrant rainbow vortex as representation of unknown, he is glorifying the purity and curiosity of young minds, unspoiled by the burdens of tradition or expectations of the modern world. —Sasha Bogojev  

The show is on view through December 9, 2017

Photo credits: Galerie Itinerrance, Nico Giquel and Seth