Street Art

Sepe "Sleeping Through The War" @ Varsi Gallery, Rome

Sep 29, 2017 - Nov 12, 2017Varsi Gallery, Rome

Varsi Gallery in Rome will be opening their new show season and a new space with a solo show by Polish artist Sepe. On September 29th they will be revealing Sleeping Through The War, which will be the Italian debut by one of the major figures in the vibrant Polish urban art scene.

Sepe's work usually revolves around modern man often placed in a schizophrenic setting. His intense compositions are full of fragmented and deformed, ironic and grotesque elements and characters,  accented with use of vibrant colors and expressive brushwork. Through this distortion of the human figure, Sepe is reflecting his critical vision of today's society.

This concept is even more evident in the upcoming show, built around the idea of war and the ways it affects human activity and interaction. The show came to life from his experience in Moscow, where Sepe witnessed a public workshop organized to prepare young children for armed conflict. The conflict became the recurring motif in his newest body of work, as a critique towards, "the increasingly vivid and disturbing "rhetoric of war," present not only in the world of politics and the media, but also in social life." —Sasha Bogojev