Street Art

Sebas Velasco's new murals in the Dominican Republic

December 27, 2016

Sebas Velasco recently spent some time in San Pedro de Macorís, República Dominicana, taking part in the second edition of Artesano Project. During his stay he painted two new public works in the neighborhood of Playa de Muerto, paying tribute to the local people he met.

Photos by Tost Films

The larger piece he created is titled "Master of Puppets" and is based on different pictures of Jean, Hatian puppeteer the artist met during his stay. Having to move from one part of the island to another to work with his handcrafted puppets in the streets, he was the perfect choice to portrait the diversity of local population. The piece was done on a long wall and includes a portrait of the main character, along with elements of the urban setting he is living and working in. Aside from using the local imagery, Velasco's painterly technique and visual language matches perfectly with the worn out wall he was working on. The second piece was titled "Flotte mais jamais ne sombre" (Fleet but never dark), and was done as a little collaboration with Cyrielle Tremblay. The title for the piece was borrowed from a song by French rappers 1995 and it depicts street food vendor placed in a dreamy, surreal setting. Both pieces were inspired by the intense and positive experience that artists had with the locals who received them with opened doors to their humble homes. —Sasha Bogojev