The end of June 2017 marked the first edition of Scale Munich, an urban and street art project organized by the local Pat Art Lab. Over the course of a week, a strong lineup up of some of the world's most respected artists in the movement painted the buildings of the former Siemens campus along Germany's most famous graffiti writers.

The unique setting of artists painting all at the same time and next to each other, all around same block of buildings, created an unique creative atmosphere that resulted with some stunning large scale pieces. The selected buildings were the perfect setting for such event with their tall, open facades and providing opportunities to create unique collaborations. Using this special occasion, Os Gemeos painted a monumental tribute to train bombers right next to a huge figurative mural by Aryz. With both artists fully presenting the strengths of their unique styles, seemingly unrelated images Axel Void and SatOne made another effective collab piece, creating a piece based on an image taken in 1945 of the atom bomb in Hiroshima, Japan. Polish artist Sainer from Etam Cru painted a dyptich piece using his painterly approach with accented brush work. Along with these artists Scale project produced new works by the likes of Okuda San Miguel from Spain, Jana & js from France and Austria, as well as local artists Loomit, DAIM, Daniel Man, and the Stone Age Kids. The aim of the project is to establish Scale as a large art event that will be taking place once a year in a designated European city, as well as raising money for KinderHaus charitable foundation through the sale of high quality prints of the produced murals through Pat Art Lab.—Sasha Bogojev

Photo credits by the artists and RAWplace