Street Art

Saner @ the Latido Americano festival

March 21, 2013


Inspired by the tradition of the “Yunsa”, a popular festival in many parts of Peru, Mexico City-based artist, Saner, painted the following mural while participating in the Latido Americano Festival in Lima, Peru. A number of his signature styled characters can be seen approaching a tree with gifts ready to hack it down with ether machetes or axes. This is part of the tradition of the “Yunsa” and the artist explains the items that he chose to paint in the tree, “Heart (love of the land and its inhabitants, compassion, wisdom), maize (food that Mother Nature provides for a living), flowers (flora and fauna around us and that we should cherish and preserve) and books (Education continent needs to grow individually and together) ready to be picked up by all of us.”


photos via Saner