Street Art

Roa Paints A Massive T-Rex in Sweden

August 07, 2014

I was finally meeting up with Roa again, it's been way too long since I last saw him. So I'm glad our travel plans suited each other this time around. We had an amazing week and I'm pleased to share my comprehensive documentation of his new large-scale contextual mural, a gigantic Tyrannosaurus skeleton, which he painted during four days on a factory building in Bromölla, Sweden for Ifö Center. –Henrik Haven

About Ifo Center and their Artist-in-Residence Program
Ifo Center is a new culture center still in its development stage. The initiative was taken in 2011 by artist couple Teresa Holmberg and Jonathan Haner. The goal is to open up the factory area for both culture and tourism. The project encompasses over 4,200 square meters of the unoccupied floors of the factory. Here we are creating collective work areas for professional artists, exhibition spaces, as well as areas for workshops. Simultaneously, we have already begun holding workshops, guided tours and have just completed our first Artist-in-Residence program with ROA being the first international artist to leave his mark on the factory walls. Ifo Center is located in the center of Bromolla, situated in north-east Scandia. The village is known for its large ceramic industry, prehistoric fossil-finds and for the world's largest ceramic fountain (Gunnar Nylund's 'Scanisaurus'). Ifo Center is financed via an EU grant and is owned by Bromolla County.