Urban Nation recently invited Ricky Lee Gordon to Berlin, where he spent couple of days in the city painting his latest large scale piece. Working for a full week on this 6 story facade, the South African artist created this mural to bring focus to environmental issues.

The poetic image is the artist's critique of the self inflicted mass devastation to the planet and mankind. The image of a horse standing inside of a flooded Victorian building with white doves flying above him, was composed and painted with the aesthetic of an old photograph. Using the emotive element of vintage photography, the artist created a possible memento from foreseeable future. Usually working with site specific images and themes, Ricky Lee Gordon has decided to create an image with a universal message for this project. Painting in a city that is symbolizing unity and power of the people against regimes and mindsets, it is powerful message triggered by the recent socio-political events.––Sasha Bogojev

Photo credit by Nika Kramer