We don't have to remind our readers that Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway each September is probably our favorite trip we make during the calendar year, and like so many events in 2020, it broke our heart that the festival had to readjust and pause it's normally scheduled program with COVID and international travel on hold. But we got a nice message from the team this week of their first commission they organized as things got back to normal in Norway, with a massive mural by RH74 in Ålgård, a small town in Rogaland near Stavanger on the west coast of the country. We love seeing some action happening once again, and Martyn Reed of Nuart passed along a few words about the work you can read below. 

"We're proud to present our latest public art intervention into the county of Rogaland. Working closely with the management of this purpose built sportshall, home to Ålgård's female handball club with artist Renate Hermansen aka RH74 has been a joy. The initlal 20m mural, that was to be placed on central panels, was expanded to span the whole breadth of the 50m site. It sits in incredible surroundings with little to no ambient night light and acts as testament to the power of, not only the many female teams, but also the leaders of the project who pushed ahead with the construction. We hope the power of the mural, expresses the power and grace of those that have created this building as their new longterm home.

"If you're wondering why there's a football caught in the web of the wings, to the left, is Ålgård football arena, the guardian catching a misplaced kick, that allows the 7 players, represented as eagles (common in the area), to play on in peace. The web, representing the silk spun by the areas tradition in the textile industry.

"Huge thanks the RH74, whose ideas and work ethic are second to none. We've worked together previously with Renate in tandem with Bergen based street artist Nimi, you may recall the immense "Sofia and the mountain" in Strohaug and the "Green Lady" for Nuart Aberdeen. Apart from perhaps Fintan Mcgee's work on the silo's and the world record beating Ella and Pitr mural in Klepp, this is without a doubt one of the largest works in the region -if not the country. We hope you enjoy. Feel free to hit the share button and stay tuned for further works and projects coming soon." —Martyn Reed