Street Art

Remed & Saner at Festival of the World

July 02, 2012


The Wahaca Southbank Experiment is a temporary restaurant constructed from 8 recycled shipping containers serving an experimental Mexican menu. Mexican artist, Saner (featured in the magazine in years past) and French painter, Remed (featured in an upcoming issue of Juxtapoz Magazine)were asked to decorate the location with their handy work. The two collaborated on a series of faces and designs; bringing color to this project located in London. To visit or for more information check out the website.


jux_remed_saner1 jux_remed_saner2 jux_remed_saner3 jux_remed_saner8 jux_remed_saner10 jux_remed_saner12 jux_remed_saner13 Photos: pureevil, savagehabbit, and Tristan Manco