After opening their solo show with Thinkspace in LA, which officially marked their departure from their early, stencil-based work, Icy & Sot continue to work on a new series and style of public works. The new works of fence interventions is showing art duo's aspiration to create stronger, more thought provoking, and even conceptual artwork at certain level.

Constructed as the artists' response to the travel ban and the border wall proclamations in the US, as well as the global refuge crisis, the Iranian artists expressed their support and compassion with people affected by this unfortunate social and political trend. By separating families, friends and taking away people's hope and dreams, these obstacles are only feeding the hate and anger, contributing to the more tensed and divided world. Fueled by their personal experiences as immigrants, they wanted to create work that will express their frustration about how rushed and insensitive decisions can tremendously affect an infinite number of innocent and often desperate people. Whether showing the US flag made from an iron fence, creating black/white silhouettes of people living on either sides of the barrier, or simply turning the notorious construction of separation into a decorative element, Icy & Sot want to "reflect the truth of our time." —Sasha Bogojev