Bordalo ii has made an international name for himself by playing in the trash. What he creates, large and impressive "trash animals," has been to transform and find recycled materials, and recreates figurative sculptures that almost have the appearance of being alive. His focus has always been about environmental issues, the things we leave behind, and the effect we have on the planet. Telling us a few years back, "We can't wait for big companies, who give us amazing products and solutions, to turn the world into a better place. Each person, just like us, needs to change their habits and live a sustainable lifestyle."

This past week, the Lisbon street artist created his largest piece to date at 35 feet high. The piece will be placed in a permanent outdoor site in Lisbon and is currently on show in the Expo site of the city. In the details, you can see discarded pieces of plastic, warped metal, and old car parts transformed into a colorful and playful construction of a housecat. 

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