Street Art

Recap: Heerlen Murals in the Netherlands

December 21, 2016

This Fall, Heerlen Murals in the Netherlands organised a wide range of interventions and activities around the theme “There’s more than meets the eye,” dealing with the diversity and the ‘do it yourself’-mentality of the artform. The artist were challenged to produce work that have either a worldly or local context.

During the event there will be murals created by world-renowned artists who make their Dutch debut in Heerlen. The Foundation ibrought AEC from Ukraine, Aryz from Spain and Nunca from Brazil, all whom painted for the first time in the Netherlands. Isaac Cordal also left a trail of Cement Eclipses characters in the center of Heerlen, which are unique in the Netherlands. Additionally, an international art panel was held. The event also hosted the European premiere of the documentary "Wall Writers".

Participating outdoor artists: AEC Interesni Kazki (UKR) Aryz (SP), Ben Eine (GB), Bier & Brood (NL), Dzia (BE), Isaac Cordal (SP), Nunca (BR), Serge Verheugen (NL) and Zedz (NL)

"This wall has something to do with the industry, and the way it changed since Henry Ford doubled the minimum wage in 1914, so that it allowed workers to buy the product they where producing. The wall it's called you guess the rest" —Aryz