A couple of weeks ago our friends from Detroit, 1XRUN, wrapped up their latest edition of Murals In The Market festival. Taking place at Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market for the fourth consecutive year, it featured 19 events including artist talks, lectures, cultural events, and concerts, along with a live mural painting program that included 50 local and international muralists.

The art creating program this time expanded beyond the walls, with new large scale public installations from some of Detroit’s most influential sculptural artists, such as Scott Hocking, Bob Sestok, or Hygienic Dress League, a series of exhibitions including original artwork and limited edition print show by 2018 participating artists, as well as a couple of solo showcases by the local artists working in different mediums. The mural program produced a series of stunning new pieces by the likes of Leon Keer, who once again created a captivating illusion effect with his clever intervention, Said Dokins who covered an entire building with his energetic calligraphy based creations, or Ever's with contemporary take on vanitas or still life formats. Another standout was series of Jim Bachor's contemporary ancient mosaics.

Keeping the finger on the pulse of their community, some of the social projects initiated included a series of children's workshops that focus on sustainable living, healthy, nutritious foods, and recycling, as well as an ongoing campaign against sexual assault that put focus on investigating the backlog of rape kits in Detroit and providing direct services and care to survivors. —Sasha Bogojev