We close our trilogy of Miami Art Week Radio Juxtapoz episodes with an old friend, Diogo Machado, aka ADD FUEL. After talking about the subtle aspects of daily life with Jean Jullien and identifying the self in a deeply personal conversation with Jenny Morgan, we sat down with ADD FUEL for another wide-ranging conversation about how his interest and expansion on the history of Portuguese tile works and how he has applied that to his fine art and street work practice.

What we learned in the episode is not only the utilitarian and intricate craft of tile works in Portugal's history, but how ADD FUEL's characters and personal designs into his tile patterns is part of a long lineage of personalization of the art form. He talks about how that craft has been applied in other cultures, and how his research when doing murals has helped him localize the work. From Lisbon's unique graffiti history to his new studio set-up, we catch an artist on the precipice of a major jump, embedded with history and yet pushing the genre forward.

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