Street Art

"Postcards from Google Earth" by Clement Villa

January 21, 2013

Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary-artist, Clement Villa, discovered images in which Google Earth projects abnormal landscapes beyond our reality. Since this discovery, Villa has been scouring Google Earth and collecting a number of these surreal landscapes. “ At first, I thought they were glitches, or errors in the algorithm, but looking closer I realized the situation was actually more interesting — these images are not glitches. They are the absolute logical result of the system. They are an edge condition—an anomaly within the system, a nonstandard, an outlier, even, but not an error" says Villa. He has compiled them on a site and you see them all at Postcards from Google Earth.


There is an in-depth read on this project here as well.


jux_valla6 jux_valla7 jux_valla jux_valla4 jux_valla2 jux_valla1 Via Laughing Squid