Street Art

"Libertad De Prensa" mural by Escif

August 31, 2012
jux_escif1 Escif’s newest mural in his hometown of Valencia, Spain depicts a human being crushed by a large vice. Entitled “Libertad De Prensa” which translates in English to “Freedom of the Press”, is a comment on a local radio broadcast that was removed from Spanish radio. Escif wrote on the topic, “Carne Cruda” radio broadcast has been removed from Spanish Public Radio (RNE 3). We all imagined that this moment will arrive soon. With this new government, there was no space for free press. For all the good times I’ve been listening to this broadcast and all the inspiration it has brought to my work…. today is a sad day. “ jux_escif2 jux_escif3 Via Street Against