Street Art

"Happy Rainbow" Exhibition by FriendsWithYou

August 02, 2012

“Happy Rainbow” is an interactive exhibition in Hong Kong, featuring a rainbow shrine with a forty-foot interactive bounce house and a number of fiberglass, plush and resin sculptures from the Los Angeles-based collective, FriendsWithYou. As their website explains, “Designed to envelope the visitors and transcend them into a higher state of self awareness, “Happy Rainbow,” is a journey into yourself.” FWY offers a kaleidoscopic look into a rainbow colored world, its purpose is to provide each person with an impactful and bright experience. Simply through the act of play FWY hopes to evoke a spiritual connectivity that will enlighten all visitors.”  The exhibition is located at the Main Atrium, 1/F and 3/F Exhibition Area Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase 1, Hong Kong.  For more information visit their website.


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