Street Art

Opening Photos: Jaz - Franco Fasoli @ Ras Gallery

May 23, 2012

Last week, Argentina-based artist, Jaz, aka Franco Fasoli, held his first European solo show at Ras Gallery in Barcelona, Spain.  The artist filled the space with 26 pieces of work, many created solely with tar as the medium and a large mural of two facing animals with the Sagittarius constellation overlapping.  Unlike many street artists, Jaz’s work trasitions well in a gallery environment and has very natural look.


jux_jaz3 jux_jaz1 jux_jaz2 jux_jaz5 jux_jaz6 jux_jaz7 jux_jaz8 jux_jaz9 jux_jaz10 jux_jaz11 jux_jaz12 jux_jaz13 jux_jaz14 jux_jaz15 jux_jaz16 jux_jaz17 All photos via Suben