Street Art

Pixel Pancho in Richmond, Va

March 30, 2012

The G40 Art Summit has taken off in full force with numerous artists descending on and painting massive walls around Richmond, Va.   Italian street artist, Pixel Pancho, completed his second mural that is a hybrid-mutation of robot, various living creatures, and inanimate objects.  Other artists participating include 2501, Angry Woebots, Aryz, El Mac, Gaia, How & Nosm, Jaz, Jesse Smith, La Pandilla, Lelo, London Police, Pixel Pancho, ROA, and Scribe.  We will highlight more walls in the upcoming days.


jux_pixel_pancho1 jux_pixel_pancho3 jux_pixel_pancho4 jux_pixel_pancho5 jux_pixel_pancho7 Photos Via