Pejac, featured in our current Spring 2018 issue of Juxtapoz, just announced another pop-up event to be held this June in Paris. After a successful, self-produced showcase in Venice last year, the Spanish artist has decided to show his work in one of the cultural capitals of the world.

Staying true to his vision of constantly challenging the white cube gallery concept, Pejac and his team found another authentic location to introduce the new body of work. Matching the title of the show, Waterline will be presented just inches above the surface of the Seine river, on an old "péniche" boat moored right next to iconic Notre-Dame cathedral. Repurposing the old inland waterway barge as an art venue, Pejac decided to take its intimate interior to his advantage and present a large series of his studio drawings and studies on paper. Giving visitors a first-hand insight into the crucial element of his work practice, the artist will be revealing the early stage version of his classic images, as well as introducing the new imagery he is developing for an upcoming NYC solo show. —Sasha Bogojev

The showig will take place from June 20—24, 2018.