"London has never looked so good as it does now," Paul Insect tells us of the current state of one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. "The streets are clean and the views are unbroken by people... a perfect time to be exploring your city where ever you are, of course with the correct social distancing.” 

One of our all-time favorite artists to come from the UK street art and poster art scene, Insect is no stranger to urban interventions, most recently his puppet works with Bast. This past week, Insect in collaboration with Block London furniture have produced unique rainbow benches which they have been leaving around empty parts of central London. As Insect's team told us, the benches are an artistic statement and also a tribute to all the "Healthcare workers, all staff who worked in hospitals and to the everyday workers who have kept England running." The benches obviously stand-out amongst the grey concrete of London, a bit of respite and a special place to rest in the midst of such a chaotic city... and time. 

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