Os Gemeos recently finished the second part of their 2017 European summer spraycation by painting another large piece in Helsinki. Straight after finishing their historic piece in Stockholm, the Brazilian art duo met with their friend Egs in Finish capital and collaborated with him on a massive graffiti piece at the legendary Baana spot.

EGS and Os Gemeos are long time friends since the days writers around the world were sending each other letters with photographs of their work. Meeting in person and collaborating on a piece was long time coming, so this tribute to the local graffiti scene was a perfect way to finally do it. The wall was done in a classic graffiti collaboration style—writing their tags without too much planning on sketching. The main idea was that Os Gemeos do the background and the characters and EGS to do props to Risk and Astron, local heroes that passed away not that long ago. The twins painted their large signature characters on both ends of a long piece in a former freight train track through city and now popular cycleway and pedestrian walkway. The rich background of this psychedelic composition was further decorated by an army of their old school graffiti characters and symbols, perfectly matching the setting of one of the first hall of fame spots in Helsinki. —Sasha Bogojev

Photo Courtesy: Make Your Mark Gallery / Supafly