Street Art

Opening photos from Herakut @ Le Basse Projects

February 29, 2012

Accompanied with a new book, a large installation, and a wide range of multi-media work, Herakut’s show at Le Basse Projects showcases the diverse talent of this German duo. Nicely titled “After the Laughter” this show runs from Feb 25 - March 17.  Go check it out if you’re in or around Los Angeles.


jux_herekut5 jux_herekut1 jux_herekut2 jux_herekut3 jux_herekut4 jux_herekut5 jux_herekut7 jux_herekut8 jux_herekut10 jux_herekut11 jux_herekut12 jux_herekut13 jux_herekut14 jux_herekut15 jux_herekut16 jux_herekut17 jux_herekut18 jux_herekut19 Photos Lebasse projects and Cupcake Punk