From our friends in Vilnius: Street art festivals around the world are known for beautifying cities and leaving behind hundreds of walls from famous artists, but Vilnius Street Art festival and Vieta curatorial team asked themselves a question: is it enough? How does it affect the urban landscape and how does the citizens benefit from it? Therefore, they have invited an architect rather than a street artist to create a conceptual drawing for an eye-sore Soviet building by the riverside. The building belongs to Lithuanian Parliament and functions as a garage where Parliament cars are stored and maintained.

Ignas Lukauskas has written a PhD thesis on urban landscapes and how art/architecture can create disruptions. The Vilnius Waterfall is based on this thesis as it plays with the terrace structure of the building as well as its environment – Neris river flows just meters away heavily restricted by Soviet concrete embankment. Waterfall defeats the concrete turning static structures into a dynamic flow and brining a refreshing green nature feeling into the city. Photorealistic paste – up of more than 2000 sq meters was a major challenge for everyone involved as a project like this has never been executed in Lithuania.

All pictures: @studio_vieta