Street Art

Nuart Aberdeen Profile: Isaac Cordal

April 19, 2017

One of the local favorites from this year's Nuart Aberdeen were Isaac Cordal's small figures placed on facades, walls and ledges throughout the city. Matching perfectly with their gray background, the miserable men in suits are now overlooking their new fellow citizens from up high.

Photography by Ian Cox and 

Along with some 20+ single pieces that the Spanish artist installed around the city center, he also created a large installation in Guestrow, just around the corner from Aberdeen's Town House. Both humorous and somewhat worrying, the odd public piece fits perfectly in the unusual monotone environment of the gray Granite City. Working on an interesting rough facade full of peculiar architectural elements, Cordal installed 11 little balconies with solitary characters on each of them. Disconnected from each other and scattered around the building, they creat a dreary backdrop for the lonely naked guy standing in the center. Surrounded with little bit of grass that managed to sprout from the rough concrete, the complete piece is sending a powerful message of nature winning over modern civilization. —Sasha Bogojev