Street Art

Nuart Aberdeen Profile: Herakut

April 18, 2017

The infamous Nuart festival officially opened their 1st ever event outside Stavanger. Over the next few days we'll be bringing you some of the highlights of the first ever Nuart Aberdeen. Long time friends of the festival, Herakut were one of the biggest names on the lineup and they sure proved their reputation with a massive new piece on Aberdeen's Market building in the Merchant Quarter.

Photography by Ian Cox and Brian Tallman

Combining Akut's cryptic Pichação-based calligraphy and photo realistic details with Hera's recognizable illustrative characters and expressive and extra thin spray and brush work, the German art duo painted a piece that is quickly becoming a new landmark in the city. Depicting a red haired girl surrounded with mythical brown unicorns, the inspiring mural sends out positive message of encouragement and empowering. Applicable both for children, women, or Aberdeen in general, the main message is "Don't hide.. because you're that light" and speaks about having trust in yourself and appreciating yourself. Painted on a rough round facade of a building placed on The Green square, the majestic piece is visible from many different angles, teasing and inviting viewers to stop in their track and see it entirely. —Sasha Bogojev