Street Art

Nuart Aberdeen Profile: Add Fuel

April 18, 2017

Another highlight of the 1st edition of the Nuart Aberdeen festival was surely the large new piece by Add Fuel. Painted on a projection panel at a prominent spot just behind Belmont Street, the Portuguese artist managed to blend his distinctive style with the local architecture and aesthetics.

Photography by Ian Cox and Brian Tallman

Diogo Machado aka AddFuel usually bases his designs on traditional Portuguese Azulejos tiles, but this time he decided to change his approach and fit to the location he was working in. He collected numerous examples of tile patterns used through the Granite City and incorporated some of the elements of the local heritage into his latest composition. He also adjusted the way the tiles are assembled, as well as used the different color palette, resulting in a refreshing example of his proven concept. Using simple, yet effective shadow and depth effect, he constructed layers of diverse patterns showing underneath each other. Based on actual elements existing through the city, Add Fuel created a graphic display of Aberdeen's history with this striking piece visible from the iconic Union Bridge. —Sasha Bogojev