After an incredible change to most of our international travel, work routines and annual events over the last 18 months, our friends at Nuart Aberdeen have been once again curating projects around the Scottish town. Today, we share their wheatpaste project, STUCK UP, placed in the town center and featuring works from artists from around the world. From Nuart founder Martyn Reed's curation, to London-based Flyingleaps, the subversive counter-culture arts initiative founded in response to the Brexit referendum result,  celebrating its fifth anniversary with street poster art spanning its revolutionary archives, created by a global coalition of urban contemporary political artists, it's been brilliant to see the Nuart family back in action. 

As Reed said of the project, "After months of lockdown and with all major arts institutions closed, as well as mothballed street art festivals, I started thinking about how we could make a return to the city. We know there’s a huge demand for art on the streets, for murals and festivals and celebrations of creativity. We also know they require a significant amount of resources to produce. The fact that all you need is an old magazine, scissors, paper, crayons, paint and a tabletop to join Stuck Up seemed to be a good way of activating communities. It struck me that all of this D.I.Y creativity could be harnessed and given a home, a place in real time, in real space once the pandemic abated; a vast outdoor museum of those words and images that it kickstarted. The idea has all of the democratic principles that attracted me to this culture in the first place."