Street Art

New INO Mural in Greece Depicts the Consequences of Nationalism and Racism

April 25, 2017

Greek artist INO recently painted his latest mural on "Hippocratio" public hospital located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Using his freehand illustrative style and intricate line work, he created a piece titled "Stay Away."

The new mural depicts a giant hand coming from the skies, commanding a boy in despairing posture. Painted entirely in black and white with a signature splash of blue, the idea of this piece was to condemn the stigmatization of humans. With the recent growth of nationalism and racism worldwide and in Greece itself, the artist wanted to point out the consequences of such excluding mindset. Living in a country that's been struggling with economy and is on the first line of the ongoing refugee crisis, INO wanted to point out that diversity is not result of someone's choices and people shouldn't judge each other based on that. This mural was organized by the local non profit association “Prometheus” that assists people that are impacted by illness. —Sasha Bogojev