Street Art

New Blu Mural in Athens

April 25, 2017

Sometime back in March BLU visited Greece and worked on a new public piece that support another civil initiative battling against the popular politics and money making machinery. During his visit he painted a large mural in Navarinou park in Exarchia, Athens.

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The park that the mural is in has been a free self-managed space and a center of social movements and alternative cultural practices since the 1970s. It was an open air parking space from1990 until 2009 when a group of people occupied the space demanding it be transformed from a parking lot into a park. They started guerrilla gardening actions and turned the space into a "self-organised, anti-hierarchical and anti-commercial space." Inspired by its story, the Italian artist created his vision of a green space growing in midst of urban, concrete environment, planted by the will and energy of individuals. With this work BLU wanted to support this "space of play,assembly and communication, creativity, exchange and activism beyond barriers of age, origin, education, social and financial status." —Sasha Bogojev