One of the last street art projects/works we've featured last year was Murmure's Dung Beetle, and we're happy to see the French duo continuing their Garb-age series with a new piece they recently painted in Martinique, a rugged Caribbean island which is an overseas region of France. This location was perfect for the depiction of Garbage Tail, an image depicting a garbage bag emerging or sinking into the ocean in the shape of a whale tail.

Painted during the IPAF Festival organized by Milsmurs in the Terres Sainville district of Fort-de-France, the piece matched the event's theme—"Men and the Caribbean Sea." To some extent continuing onto the Garbage Whale mural produced back in July 2020 in Vladivostok, the work continues using this virtually indestructible symbol of the consumerist age to present its impact on the environment and its fragile balance. Rendered using only black and white paint with a subtle addition of the red ribbon, the image is utilizing "the tip of the iceberg" effect as it suggests a much larger problem existing underneath the visible surface. Again, the artist used the existing facade as an impactful negative space that pushes out the realistically rendered image.

Murmure will be releasing a screen print featuring Garbage Tail image, on Tuesday 12th of January at 4 p.m. GMT via their online store. The 6 color screen print is measuring 50 x 70 cm and comes hand-finished with a color pen in red (regular) and yellow (special) variant. Each example is signed, numbered and dry stamped by the artists, and is accompanied by C.O.A. —Sasha Bogojev